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Bestone Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Dong Guan Bestone Textile Co.,Ltd, founded in 2000, which lasted more than 11 years now has grown into one of the largest integrated manufacturers Ribbon Pearl River Delta region a long time we in a customer-oriented business mechanism has won wide acclaim. The strength of our technology, well-equipped for our customers to develop, produce various kinds of webbing materials. Pepsi will be happy to serve you! Main PP webbing / PP rope; nylon webbing / nylon rope; jacquard belt / computer jacquard belt; cotton / acrylic and SP line with cotton, cotton rope; various types of elastic band, Elastic rope; sections Shadai; polyester ribbons / nylon ribbons; Glitter rope / silver onions rope; various types of clothing lace; mobile phone strap and tag; adhesive Velcro / General Velcro; fish pattern size band; sections POLY Ribbon; reflective ribbon / reflective rope; Chinese knot; rope belts and other products!

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